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Tuesday, January 15

Thanksgiving Pie

It’s been quite a long time and quite a few food adventures since I blogged last. We drank perfect mint juleps (and won the pool) at our friends’ Derby Day party, ate our share of Flathead summer cherries in Montana, and kinda-sorta fell in love with split peas. It’s been a good year.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share a few of the fun things we’ve eaten, made, and drank in 2012. Just to play a little catch-up. Then – I swear – my New Year’s resolution is to keep cooking and keep writing. We have a wonderful yard now, which is currently covered in snow but, come spring, I’d love to make into a garden. We could grow all the veggies we love to eat most – broccoli, chard, cucumbers, onions, peppers – and herbs to season everything and Chinese chives for dumplings. Then we can sit out there with a glass of Channing Daughters rose and watch the bees buzz around on Sunday afternoon, while a few steaks sizzle on the grill. Ah the daydreams of January…

In any case, here's the pie I made this Thanksgiving. It's apple cranberry. It's become my thing now. Pretty, right?

 More to come in the new year...

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